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CoReVac participates in the organisation of scientific and strategic networking activities designed to bring together relevant members of the community in order to coordinate responses to current challenges in the field of vaccine research.  


Some of these events or incentives take on the form of conferences, publications or members network meetings. These are coordinated independently or in collaboration with its public, private or institutional partners.

Please find below current and past activities, including associated documentation and how to register.


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19 March 2020, Paris

Elimination eradication of vaccine-preventable diseases: situation in 2020

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Launched on 21 January 2020-
Topics on psoriatic arthritis, vaccines, tuberculosis, tumour plasticity, proton vs photon therapy, and protein drug products

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Brussels 16-17 Mars 2020

Meeting co-organized by IABS and CEPI, this symposium aims to discuss with the regulators the potential benefit of creating a specific registration procedure for Vaccine platform technology. IABS is a CoReVac partner

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6-9 April 2020 - Washington D.C.

On April 6-9 2020 in Washington DC, over 1500 vaccine experts from top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide will be attending the World Vaccine Congress Washington

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18-21 October 2020 - Barcelona

The World Vaccine Congress is an award-winning series of conferences and exhibitions that have grown to become the largest and most established vaccine meeting of its kind across the globe. Now in its 21st year the World Vaccine Congress Europe and co-located events, Veterinary Vaccine and Immuno...

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Wellcome Genome Campus -UK

The conference aims at improving the understanding of interactions between
vaccines and the immune system, with a focus on the non-specific and sex-differential effects.
of vaccines. This will include their impact on neonates and infants, how generalisable and durable
these effects are, the...