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A nationwide multidisciplinary network of research scientists in the field of vaccinology, with the objective to facilitate, coordinate and stimulate vaccine research at a national level and in close collaboration with European partners.

  • Colloque Hesitation vaccinale

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    Le CIC Cochin Pasteur coordonné par le Pr. Launay, organise la 12e Journée Jean-Gérard Guillet sur l' "Hésitation vaccinale"

  • CVT et CNRS innovation

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    CNRS Innovation publie les résultats d'étude sur les adjuvants: Un état des lieux des innovations et des acteurs dans le domaine des adjuvants.

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Institut Pasteur – Lille

The Annual Meeting of the Vaccinology Club will be held at Institut Pasteur de Lille on January 16th and 17th 2020.
  • Funding

Horizon 2020

Call open for proposals that increase our understanding of determinants of low vaccine uptake in specific contexts and develop strategies to increase vaccination rates of essential vaccines.