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CoReVac participates in the organisation of scientific and strategic networking activities designed to bring together relevant members of the community in order to coordinate responses to current challenges in the field of vaccine research.  


Some of these events or incentives take on the form of conferences, publications or members network meetings. These are coordinated independently or in collaboration with its public, private or institutional partners.

Please find below current and past activities, including associated documentation and how to register.


  • Conferences

Institut Pasteur – Lille

The Annual Meeting of the Vaccinology Club will be held at Institut Pasteur de Lille on January 16th and 17th 2020.

  • Funding

Horizon 2020

Call open for proposals that increase our understanding of determinants of low vaccine uptake in specific contexts and develop strategies to increase vaccination rates of essential vaccines.

  • Conferences

Cochin - Pasteur

Le CIC Cochin Pasteur 1417 coordonné par le Pr. Launay, organise la 12e Journée Jean- Gérard Guillet de Vaccinologie Clinique

  • CoReVac network meetings


CoReVac organise une réunion consacrée aux membres du réseau, sur les Informations récentes sur : Le programme Dengue de Sanofi Pasteur et les innovations dans les adjuvant.

  • Conferences

Institut Pasteur

CoReVac and I-REVAC co-organise the 7th CoReVac symposium dedicated to "Vaccination in the extreme ages of life".