Technology transfert institution


Inserm Transfert is the Inserm subsidiary dedicated to knowledge transfer. We focus on adding value and minimizing risk for innovative projects at pre-industrial stage, bridging discovery and clinical research. We put emphasis on identifying high-potential projects, implementing appropriate proof of concept and IP strategies, and setting up win-win/mutually beneficial industrial partnerships.


The objective of the Theme Valorization Consortium (CVT Aviesan) is to bring out a national strategic view in the areas in which there seems to be an opportunity for investment. This vision is organized into around ten strategic valorization fields (DVSs), each under the responsibility of a member of the Aviesan alliance. Different DVS were implemented, including innovation in vaccinology, coordinated by Institut Pasteur and Inserm Transfert

Under the Future Investments Programme (PIA), € 900 million are dedicated to the creation of Technology Transfer Accelerated Societies (SATT), a large part is devoted to the maturation and proof of concept. The SATT intended to bring together all the development teams of university sites and to end the fragmentation of structures. The objectives are to improve the efficiency of technology transfer and economic value created to professionalize the promotion of research and strengthen skills.