DVS - Innovation in Vaccinology

DVS Innovation in Vaccinology – Domaine de Valorisation Stratégique Innovation en Vaccinologie is part of CVT Aviesan - Consortium de Valorisation Thématique Aviesan, a national structure created since 2012 and accredited under the governmental plan for Future Investments. DVS Innovation in Vaccinology is coordinated by Inserm Transfert and Institut Pasteur.

CoReVac & DVS Innovation in Vaccinology join together to make translation of breakthrough research into innovative vaccines easier. On the basis of strategic analysis (Intellectual Property, International Benchmarks) and French academic strengths mapping in Vaccinology, DVS aims to point out innovative collaborative projects as well as to inform and involve funders such as technology acceleration and transfer companies (SATTs), the French National Research Agency (ANR) or the Public Investment Bank (BPi), and thereby promote potential for industrial transfer.

DVS is associated to the CoReVac website to improve interactions between vaccine research community and industrial partners. After registration, access will be provided to the shared DVS/CoReVac website.