Corevac ambitions to offer all informations dedicated to vaccine teaching and training at the national and international levels


National program


DIU Vaccinologie-Prévention des maladies infectieuses [Pr. Dominique Salmon-Ceron (Paris Descartes), Dominique Begue and Emmanuel Grimpel (Paris 6)] Objectives: To acquire in-depth knowledge about vaccines (mechanisms of action, efficacy, side effects, vaccination program ...), the epidemiology of infectious diseases and their prevention. 

DU Vaccinologie [Pr. Jean-Louis Koeck (HIA Robert Picqué), Denis Malvy (Université Bordeaux Segalen)] The "French International Vaccinology course" (CIFV) was established at the University Bordeaux Segalen. Students taking this course can get a university degree in vaccinology. The CIFV is a module of the Master "Life sciences and health," specialty "Complex tropical disease" accredited by the TropEd European network of universities..

Vaccinology course (Pasteur Institute) [Dr. Armelle Phalippon (Institut Pasteur) and Frédéric Tangy (Institut Pasteur)The Vaccinology course, delivered within the framework of the Epidemiology and Public Health Departments, is dedicated to candidates with a medical or scientific training background who are interested in all aspects of this discipline: medical and public health students, scientific Master II and PhD students (immunology, microbiology), physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians and other health professionals.

International program


Advanced Course of Vaccinology (ADVAC) [Pr.Paul-Henri Lambert (University of Geneva): a two-week training programme offers to decision-makers, including academia, industry, governmental and non-governmental agencies, lectures in all fields related to vaccines and vaccination, vaccine trials, new vaccines, vaccination strategies and policies, vaccine-specific issues , ethical issues related to vaccine trials, financing of immunization policy, communication.
International Vaccine Institute (IVI) Vaccinology course is a five-day advanced course on vaccinology aiming to strengthen the capacity of the participant by providing a comprehensive overview of vaccines starting with epidemiology and immunobiology, moving through development and access, and concluding with use and acceptance.