Institut Pasteur Vaccinology Course 2017 - 10th Edition

10th edition of the Institut Pasteur Vaccinology Course will take place from 24 February to 27 March 2017 !

This course is dedicated to candidates with a medical or scientific training background who are interested in all aspects of vaccinology. During four-weeks, an integrated overview of vaccinology will be presented: from public health data and scientific results justifying the development of a vaccine up to its delivery to the populations in the context of industrialized and developing countries.

The Vaccinology course comprises four modules:

·         Introduction to vaccinology, an integrative discipline.

·         Preclinical and clinical steps: basic principles.

·         Update on vaccine development for the major infectious diseases.

·         Future challenges.

The course also includes methodology workshops based on a partnership with the HSeT Foundation which has developed an e-learning website dedicated to the course. Personalized tutoring is also ensured.

Detailed overview of this course

Registration before October, 27, 2016

The course committee will evaluate applications. Several fellowships will be available through industrial partnerships.

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