At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, Gavi introduced the Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in immunisation (INFUSE) initiative to help drive improvements in immunisation for developing countries.

INFUSE is open to local and global entrepreneurs, corporations, and implementers with a proven-to-work technology or implementation innovation enhancing data availability, quality, or use, that could be adapted to the broad developing country context.

These could include solutions ranging from better tools and training resources for local health workers to track vaccinated children at the point of care, to the application of emerging “deep data” concepts to identify resource gaps and areas for improving health and immunisation systems, according to Gavi.

By connecting innovators with influential public and private sector figures, Gavi said it hopes to accelerate the use of proven-concept innovations to modernise immunisation delivery.

The INFUSE topic for 2016 is immunisation data availability, quality, and use - a fundamental step to building an efficient and sustainable immunisation systems in developing countries, according to Gavi.