IMI call for proposal : 3rd call of IMI2

The public-private partnership IMI between pharmaceutical industries from EFPIA and European Comission will launch a 3rd call for proposal under the IMI2 programme. The first IMI programme has shown the proof of concept of this public-private partnership organization, and IMI2 is looking to go further, by not only progress research but also the delivery of research results.

IMI2 aims to deliver : 

  • 30% better success rate in clinical trials of priority medicines identified by WHO
  • clinical proof of concept in immunological, respiratory, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases in 5 years
  • new and approved diagnostic markers for four of these diseases and at least two new medicines (antibiotics or therapies for Alzheimer's disease)

As part of this objectives, two topics relative to vaccines are under consideration :

  • Topic 4 : consistency approach to quality control in vaccine manufacture : demonstrate the proof of concept of this new paradigm based on non-animal methods to improved quality control of vaccines (more details in the file attached).
  • Topic 5 : pertussis vaccine research : Bordetella pertussis pathogenesis, molecular mecanisms and biomarkers of protective immunity, differences between whole and acellular pertussis vaccines, animal and human models (more details in the file attached)

Closing date to submit proposal : March 24th, 2015.

How to participate in IMI's projects :

Stage 1 : all interestes parties (academia, Small and Medium Organizations, EFPIA's pharmaceutical companies) are invated to form Applicant Consortia and to submit Expression of Interest in response to the call

Stage 2 : After evaluation of the Expression of Interest, Applicant Consortium and EFPIA consortium are invated to form a Full Project Consortium to develop a Full Project Proposal.

You can find the detail procedure on the IMI website.



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