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The European Vaccine Initiative (EVI) is leading European efforts to develop effective, accessible and affordable vaccines against diseases of poverty. EVI’s vision is a world free of the intolerable burden of diseases of poverty within the coming decades. EVI is contributing to the global efforts to control these diseases in three main ways:

·         Creating an environment to accelerate the development and clinical assessment of vaccine candidates for diseases of poverty

·         Promoting affordability and accessibility of vaccines for diseases of poverty in low income populations

·         Seeking to align all major stakeholders and acting as a focal point to ensure the successful development of vaccines for diseases of poverty for low income populations.

TRANSVAC, a collaborative infrastructure project funded under the European Commission’s (EC) 7th Framework Programme (FP7). The project is the joint effort of leading European groups in the field of vaccine development, and is coordinated by the European Vaccine Initiative (EVI). TRANSVAC was designed in order to enhance European research and training and foster the seamless implementation of a permanent research infrastructure for early vaccine development in Europe.


The International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS) is a non-profit association located in Geneva, Switzerland. IABS mission is to contribute to the scientific and medical advancement of biologicals by facilitating the communication among those who develop, produce and regulate biological products for human and animal health.

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