Industrial Partnership

Pharmaceutical companies have a mission to discover, produce and make available drugs and vaccines for human use. Mobilized to make France a great country life sciences, companies based in France are represented by Leem, defending their interests and promotes their collective approach. Its role is also to develop and enforce the professional ethics, to facilitate exchanges between its members to develop and to support links with other health professions and actors of society to promote collective process of progress, quality and recovery of the sector. Created over 130 years, Leem now has nearly 270 member companies, which represent over 98% of total sales of the drug in France.

Buildt in 2010, with the backing of the French Federation of Health Industries (FEFIS), ARIIS (Alliance for Research and Innovation in Health Industries) unites member companies and ex-officio French health industry associations. ARIIS missions are articulated around 3 points: Paving the way, Bringing together and Ambassador. ARIIS is composed of an Executive Committee, three specialized committees (partnership enhancement, research and innovation, training) and a joint scientific committee including representatives of the main research structures (Aviesan, universities, hospitals, etc.).