The COREVAC steering committee:

  • has identified for priorities researches objectives with a particular emphasis on transversal approaches typically represented by: “towards an improvement of vaccine immunogenicity and acceptability
  • plans to organize nationwide virtual platforms to facilitate vaccine researches:

- a network with several existing nationwide large cohorts, covering all ages of the french population in order to facilitate large public health or societal researches on vaccines. ​​

CoReVac has already established links with the following Cohorts in conjonction with Inserm transfert : 

  • ELFE (link to the website) is a longitudinal study in France, tracking children from birth to adulthood. It will examine every aspect of these children’s lives from the perspectives of health, social sciences and environmental health. Covering the whole of metropolitan France, it was launched in April 2011, in the wake of a pilot survey of 500 families that began in 2007.
  • I-SHARE (link to the website) Follow 30,000 young adults for at least 10 years to collect data on their health, study the determinants and mechanisms of disease, test strategies for prevention or management
  • Constances  (link to the websiteis an epidemiological cohort "generalist" composed of a representative sample of 200 000 adults aged 18 to 69 to the inclusion having consulted the Health Examination Centres (ESC) of the Social Security.

Other cohorts build under the investissements d'avenir will be approched by CoReVac. 

- networks of vaccine immunology and systemic biology platforms and of  vectorology platform to facilitate access to "high tech" technologies

  • helps implementing new vaccine research partnerships, in order to help:

- at the national level: with the academic (Aviesan), public health (HCSP, CTV, INPES, ANSM) and industrial sector (LEEM, ARIIS)

- at the international level: 

- succesfull aplications to national, European or International funding or research organization

- collaboration with SMEs and pharmaceutical companies developing vaccine products.